Sunday, 8 June 2008

Am I ready?

This blog post from another Ironman crazy friend of mine kind of freaked me out.

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See my name over there? That's the list of potential participants for Ironman Langkawi 2009. I have created an account but yet to pay the registration fee. And it has been recently confirmed that early bird entries for Malaysians are Rm500 up to end of June, instead of the USD280 as published on the website.

Dad has been very nice to find out for me how to submit the payment. Thanks, dad!

I came down with some slight knee pains last weekend following my 20km run. The pain has subsided now. In fact, I was able to clock a PB for my 20km run this morning... 1:27.54 (average 4:24 per km)! :)

I have also managed to record above 27kph average for my 80km ride yesterday... the first since the half ironman in early May.

Perth Half Marathon is next Sunday. Aim to do under 1:33.30 (average 4:25 per km). Why not 1:33 or 1:34? I thought the former is a bit too quick and the latter is a bit too fast. Yes, I am an accountant after all. So everything is calculated out precisely!

The plan now is just to take care and make sure I do not aggravate the knee pain. I have received my race bib already.

Somehow don't really like the number. Sounds like lok chat in Cantonese but I won't be superstitious...

And then 3 weeks after, there is the Perth Marathon which I have signed up for.

Am I ready for the Ironman? I've asked dad to wait for the outcome of the Perth Half Marathon first. Then I'll see how...


Raymond said...

U run fast,swim fast n cycle u also registered IM langkawi so fast!And I might even join in the craze heheheh!!!!So kiasu lah me!
Gd luck in Perth Half!

kev said...

Hahhah, thanks Doc Ray!

Ya come join! And then go for Haikou too hehheh...

Joanne said...


DOnt think Ill be extending my trip to perth for over a week~! haha..thats a bit much.

Enjoy caines though =)

Wow...ironman langkawi. Nice...

kev said...

No worries, Joanne. Ya, two weeks in Perth would an overkill! You enjoy your Indochina trip too!