Friday, 9 February 2007

Deadlines or datelines?

I figured out that if I only blogged about triathlons, training, races etc. this blog would pretty boring. Although my target readers are fellow triathletes or those who share the similar interest, a bit of variety won't hurt anyone.

So deadlines or datelines? My client assignment for the past two weeks had been... interesting. Not only was it 45kms away, trying to stay awake while driving on the freeway was quite a challenge... we had quite tight reporting deadlines (today) as we were given instructions from Holland.

Now, the client's BIG BOSS also flew in from Holland as we need them for sign-off. They checked on us regularly, asking the status of the audit, whether we can meet deadlines etc. The local client had some trouble meeting our requested information.

But so far everything went on track. We were able to gather the required information, we finished the audit work, we had our meeting with the client and their BIG BOSS to discuss the issues, they were happy, they gave us the final numbers, I drafter the required reports... but just 10 minutes ago, my manager decided that we couldn't make it for the deadline as he hasn't reviewed the work... we would postpone to report next week instead.

So comes to make you think... that no matter how important a dateline or DEADline is... it is flexible, and no one would DIE if it isn't met. Hehheh... good philosophy of work eh? Less stress for everyone.

P/S - I have also decided to register for a short triathlon near my house. 400m swim, 15km bike, 4km run. Just the right distance to keep me motivated after some post-race sluggishness but not kill me for weeks. Targer 1 hour, previous year's time 1 hour 2 minutes.... Oops! I did it again! Can't help posting about triathlons... hey, this is my obssession after all, right?

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