Sunday, 22 March 2015

Revisiting Perth

Last weekend, .we did a whirlwind trip to Perth. Well, I did anyway. Li-Ann had her PhD graduation ceremony which I unfortunately missed as I couldn't take time off work. But I arrived a couple of days later, it was nice revisiting the place we called home for 10 years or so, even though I spent less than 48 hours there.

We went to Sorrento Beach 3 times during my short visit. Something we have always taken for granted that the beach is about 15-20 minutes drive away. Of course, I had to throw in a 10km run with my partners in crime - Sam and Dennis.

Photo credit - Dennis Tan. Visit his page at Paparazzi on the Run
Blind selfie!
Pizza lunch with our friends from university at Theo & Co pizzeria in Victoria Park. Newly opened, we were regular customers of the Little Caesars franchise. Now, the original owner Theo has opened this new branch. It was Li-Ann's birthday that Sunday and there is no better way to blow candles than on a dessert pizza!

Photo credit - Jessie Yeow
Photo credit - Natasha Jalani 
Capping off with a dinner at Good Fortune BBQ restaurant and another mini birthday cake for Li-Ann. Thanks Sam for dropping us at the airport.

It was a very short trip with plenty of good food and the company was even better! Thanks guys for all the laughter. We miss Perth dearly and hope to make some more trips in the near future.

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