Monday, 1 September 2014

Week 22 of 26

The week started off really well but let down by a dismal weekend. Read on and you'll know why.

Monday as usual, is a swim in the evening. 3.6km set - 500m warm up, 10 x 50m, 500m, 5 x 100m, 500m pull buoy, 10 x 50m, 500m pull buoy with paddles. Felt pretty strong despite the big weekend before. Tuesday, I initially wanted to run at Springbank but the skies were dark so I drove home first. It soon cleared and I did an 80 minute run around the neighbourhood. Very humid. I started off pretty sluggish but found my pace later and was able to negative split by a big margin.

Wednesday was a 90km ride to Lakeside and back. Very windy. Thursday I ran in Springbank for 75 minutes. I had 6 x 7 minutes fast/3 minutes easy in the program and felt really good. Nice cool weather. Averaged 4:20 per km pace with over 17kms covered.

Then things started to take a turn on Friday. I slept in instead of the morning swim, so would have to make up for it later in the week. Fortunately, it was the long weekend with Labour Day on Monday, so I managed to get off work early. I got 2.5 hours ride in but it was hot and windy and my pace was very ordinary. I was still able to go to the pool before it closed that evening. Felt great for the 3.7km swim set though. Main set was 4 x 800m - swim 12:46, fingertip drag alternate 50m 13:01, swim 12:45, fists alternate 50m 13:11.

Saturday I planned to do an 180km ride before leaving for Markham to visit Li-Ann's cousins. But I did not feel great during the ride. Same conditions as the evening before - hot and windy. At the 86km mark and 3 hours into the ride, I decided to call it quits and asked Li-Ann to pick me up. Maybe it was due to combination of the double workouts the evening before or a combination of a few factors. I still have public holiday Monday to ride 180km, so I wasn't too worried.

We stayed the night in Markham and the next morning, Li-Ann followed her cousins for a camping trip while I drove back to London. Yes, I was invited but being the no-fun-training-for-an-Ironman guy, I had to decline. Plus, by joining them meant I would have to take Tuesday off and I've used up all my vacation days for the Ironman later this month. As they all left early before sunrise, I drove home early too. Traffic was great and I rested at home before the long run in the evening.

It was also Malaysia's 57th independence day so it is nice to have a public holiday here as well to commemorate. I was meant to do a 3 hour run around the neighbourhood. Started off really well, my pace was well below 4:40 per km but I knew I had to slow it down later. About 20kms into the run, I had the sudden urge to rush to the toilet... for Number 2! I was about a couple of kms from home so I ran into the house, did my business (sorry for the oversharing!) and by the time I was done, I didn't feel like running anymore. So I made the call to leave the run at that with just over 22.7kms clocked in 1 hour 46 minutes. I still have my 180km ride to do tomorrow and God forbid I have to cut that short, again!

Disappointed? I'll be lying if I said I wasn't. But the years of Ironman training have taught me not to sweat over couple of sessions that were cut short or missed. It's the overall progress that matters and I reckon I'm progressing pretty well.

Week 22 of 26 statistics:

Swim - 7.3km (2 hours 5 minutes)
Bike - 252.5km (8 hours 26 minutes)
Run - 58.0km (4 hours 21 minutes)

Total - 317.9km (14 hours 52 minutes)

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