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Run like a pro with the PRS V2 Running Compression Socks

In one of my earlier posts here, I mentioned that I was very fortunate to be given the opportunity to be part of the Compressport Malaysia team.

Here is a review on another great product from Compressport - the PRS V2 Running Compression Socks.
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I have a confession to make. I do have a bit of a sock fetish. Especially those that are Left-Right specific. Not to say that I don't run in other socks but I do keep these Left-Right specific ones for special occassions i.e. major races. To date, I have gone through my fair share of racing Left-Right specific socks. I have been looking for a pair for my main race this year - Ironman Malaysia, Langkawi at the end of September and always wanted to try the Compressport ones for their compression features. So, looks like my wishes have been answered!

Left-Right specific
The PRS V2 (Pro Racing Socks Version 2) comes with the usual features with all Compressport products such as shock absorbers to reduce fatigue and aeroknitting which allows for maximum ventilation and quick moisture wicking. But one of the things that are specific to these socks (and the Compressport full compression socks as well) which is not present in the calf sleeves or quad sleeves, is the Dot technology.

They look like tiny mushrooms!
Located at the bottom of the sock in the forefoot and heel area, these dots increases the shock absorbing properties and optimizes inside out heat exchange, which allows for quick elimination of perspiration (for those with sweaty feet!). I was bit a concerned if these extra bumps under my feet will affect the way I run, but more on that later.

Roll them up!
As these are after all, compression socks, they are a bit tighter than your usual socks. Putting them on requires a bit more effort, but will be made easy after a couple of times. I find it easier by rolling them up at my toes and slowly sliding them up my foot. The small lever at the end of the sock makes it easy to hook it over the heel. This small lever also acts as an anti slip mechanism - to prevent the sock from sliding downwards while running. If you do intend to wear these socks in a triathlon and still want to do a speedy transition, I suggest practising a couple of times. I know I will!

Small lever at the end of the heel 
The PRS V2 running socks come in the high cut version and low cut version. And in a variety of colours - decals in pink, green or blue and black or white for the main fabric, that's 6 different colours! Being the fashion conscious triathlete I am (let's face it, this sport is mostly about the looks hahaha), I opted for the low cut ones because I like how to see my ankles while I'm running. And I chose the green and white ones because they match my new racing shoes!

I even have matching coloured Lock Laces!
So how did the socks fare performance-wise? To be honest, I have only ran in them once... for 30 minutes. As I mentioned before, I like to keep these socks for my major races, so I try to keep them as new as possible for race day. HOWEVER that 30 minute run was immediately after a very tough 180+km ride. The energy in my legs were all drained already but my feet felt springy yet well supported. The socks come with arch support, which maintains posture and prevent any degradation of movement. This becomes especially essential in a triathlon, when you are running on tired legs.

As for the dots? I didn't feel any numbness or rubbing coming from them. In fact, I think they gave a a nice massaging feeling, which helped activated the blood flow through the plantar area. My feet felt light and I was able to maintain a high running cadence despite on tired legs. I averaged 4:30 per km average for that 30 minute brick run, something I definitely did not expect after a 180+km ride!

A handy thing to note, is to wash them in a separate mesh bag in the washing machine or handwash them, in order to prolong the compression properties. I'm looking forward to run with these socks for a couple more runs - some longer ones, before the Ironman. Thank you, Compressport Malaysia!

The PRS V2 socks are currently available at Athlete's Circle Malaysia, Jaya One and Running Lab Malaysia, Tropicana City Mall at a recommended retail price of MYR 75.00 per pair.


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