Monday, 19 May 2014

Week 7 of 26

So the big weeks of this first build are slowly creeping up. Started the week with a swim on Monday afternoon. 400m warm up, 1000m swim, 400m drills - 50m swim/25m L sidekick/25 R sidekick, 1000m pull buoy, 400m pull buoy and finishing up with 200m kick.

Tuesday morning, I did another swim set. My first early morning swim in a while actually. 100m swim, 100m back/breaststroke, 200m swim, 400m fast swim, 4 x 200m swim, 400m fast swim, 4 x 200m pull buoy, 400m fast swim. Was meant to ride in the afternoon but the weather gods had something else in mind. A big thunderstorm hit that evening so decided to swap my sessions around.

Luckily the storm cleared on Wednesday morning. I managed to fit in a 75 minute run before work. The set was 3 x 5 min fast/5 min easy, 2 x 6 min fast/4 min easy, 1 x 7 min fast/3 min easy. There were lots of snails on the paths from the rain the day before. I tried my best to avoid most of them, but I think I stepped on a couple! :( In the afternoon the weather held, so I managed to get my ride in. I rode to Lakeside but took a different turn on the way back, luckily I didn't get lost! It was nice to have a tailwind on the return lap for a change. Distance was 82.7kms.

Thursday the weather wasn't too promising but I managed to get another run done in the afternoon in Springbank. Just an hour's run and there were no intervals in the program, just focusing on quick pick-ups.

Friday morning, I did another early morning swim. Had some longer sets - 400m warm up, 1000m (200m steady/50m fast), 1000m (200m steady/50m big kicks), 1000m pull buoy. It was in a 50m pool and I was pretty happy with the times for the longer 1km sets - 16:56, 17:09 and 17:50 respectively. In the evening, I did another ride. Forecasted weather had some strong winds. But during the ride, it was weird and I didn't feel I was particularly hampered or assisted by the wind in a specific direction. Rode to Lakeside and back with a total distance of 75km.

Saturday morning, it was glorious outside. A bit cold and some light winds. I rode to Southwold and had 120km on the plan. I didn't feel particularly strong, could have been still tired from the ride the evening before. On the way back, the winds picked up a bit - not overly strong, but constantly blowing and enough to sap the energy out of my legs, which I didn't have much left anyway. I soft pedalled all the way back, my average speed dropped tremendously. Took me 4 hours 22 minutes for the whole ride. In the evening, I had to attend a run review with Coach Sheri. So I didn't have much rest after either. It's always interesting to see yourself running in video and there is always things to improve on.

Sunday I was being lazy the whole day and procrastinated on my long run until about 4pm. I had a nice nap before too. My legs felt strong and the weather was an overcast which helped. Ran for 1 hour 45 minutes and held just under 4:30 per km average for 23.4kms, so I was very pleased.

I thought I had a big week this week but as tomorrow is Victoria Day public holiday, another big session is planned. But I have a rest day after that, so it's all good.

Week 7 of 26 statistics:

Swim - 10.2km (3 hours 3 minutes)
Bike - 277.8km (9 hours 30 minutes)
Run - 54.0km (4 hours 0 minutes)

Total - 342.1km (16 hours 33 minutes)

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