Monday, 12 May 2014

Week 6 of 26

The week started with a rest day on Monday. Sort of like a reset after the below par performance the week before. Tuesday I did my first morning swim in months. Didn't wake up especially early though, as I had a 9 am appointment, so I told the office I was going to be in late anyway. Had a main set of 5 x 100m, 200m, 5 x 100m pull buoy, 200m, 5 x 100m pull buoy/paddles, 200m, 5 x 100m, 200m. In the afternoon, I rode for 3 hours to Lakeside and back. Weather was nice but I think the wind changed directions partway through and it felt like I had some headwinds in both directions. Not particularly strong winds, but enough to affect my speed.

Wednesday I ran at Springbank for 75 minutes. After a 15 minute warm up, the program was 2 sets of 20 minutes tempo/10 minutes steady. Clocked just over 17km and a tad bit faster than last week. Thursday, I did another swim session with some longer sets. 200m swim, 200m pull buoy, 8 x 50m swim, 1500m swim and 1000m pull buoy. Pretty happy with my times for the 1500m (24:25) and 1000m pull (17:17). But I need to remind myself that it was a 25m pool, so I have to see how much slower I would be in a 50m long course pool.

Friday I had another 75 minutes run in the program. I didn't want to run at Springbank, so I decided to park at Western campus and do the route that I used run last year when I was working in campus. I started from campus and headed down Western road to downtown, turning left at Oxford Street and back up again at Richmond Street. Did two loops and it showered every now and then. Pretty humid day.

Saturday was cycling day and we had a group ride organized. When I say group, I actually meant two other guys hahaha. I had 4 hours on the program, so I rode down to Lambeth to meet up with the others. We rode to Komoka and Delaware. It was such a windy day but nice and sunny. After I left the group to ride home, I was pretty relieved that the last 13kms had a tailwind. Total distance was 134km and about 38 minutes longer than my program but that's okay.

Sunday, after speaking to my parents on Skype, I felt a bit lazy and couldn't bring myself out for a long run. So I went to the gym instead. It has been almost 4 weeks since I've last hit the gym and being the body conscious triathlete I am, my reflection on the mirror tells me that it's about time I pumped some iron! Did an hour's session of alternating between arms, legs and core - 30 reps each.

I napped most of the afternoon and only started my long run at 4.30pm. The temperature was about 20 degrees and it was sunny. I had 1 hour 45 minutes on the program. The program had me doing 3 sets of 10 minutes tempo/20 minutes steady. My legs felt a bit tired but I managed to maintain a pretty consistent split for each 30 minute sets. Happy to clock just over 23km which was how I planned it originally.

Week 6 of 26 statistics:

Swim - 6.7km (1 hour 57 minutes)
Bike - 224.8km (7 hours 37 minutes)
Run - 56.9km (4 hours 15 minutes)
Gym - 1 hour

Total - 288.5km (14 hours 49 minutes)


CheapRunnerMike said...

Great week of training makes me tired just looking at your workload!

Kevin Siah said...

Thanks Mike! And well done to you and mum for Sunday's run!