Thursday, 8 May 2014

Two bulls

I'm going to be lazy here... and do a combined blog post dedicated to my two siblings' birthdays. My lil' brother Keith celebrated his 20th... (yes, I can't believe it myself, he's no longer in his teens!) birthday couple of days ago. And my sis, Karen will be having her... well, let's just say she's a few years shy of turning 30 in a couple of days hahaha.

Being both born in the early days of May, they are both Taureans. Karen, as most of us know, has always been headstrong and wants to do things HER OWN way. Her favourite words when she was little were "I like, I like lah!" While myself, being the by-the-rule-book older brother had always disapproved of her ways. But it is with these qualities and by taking the path less travelled, that she now successfully manages her own fast growing fitness enterprise and most importantly, doing what she loves... doing it her way. I can't say enough, how proud I am of her.

Keith, on the other hand is a bit more passive. But don't let that fool you. Having left for Australia while Keith was only 8 years old, I have missed out on most of Keith's growing up years. I cannot make up for those years but in this age of social media, I get to see what he's up to on Facebook and Twitter (whether it is to his liking or not, is another story!). And he has indeed grown up to be a young man with his strong opinions on current issues. He is no longer our little Keith Boy. Keith now studies in Wollongong, Australia and I wish him the very best, cherish this memorable experience of being abroad and make the most out of it.

As the eldest sibling, I often play the authoritarian role and tend to be naggy and bossy at times. I only want the best for both of you but I can get carried away sometimes. Do forgive your kor kor for this. Wishing both of you very happy birthdays! Missing both of you lots and hope that I would be able to celebrate your birthdays in person in the near future soon.

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