Sunday, 23 October 2011

Man vs wild

Well, not really. But cycling on the freeway south bike paths, you can encounter some wild life. I've heard of people seeing some snakes on their rides, I've been fortunate enough not to experience that. However, today's long ride with Sam and Dennis, we were attacked by magpies in both our outward and return journeys. It seemed to be getting more rampant, as this is a common discussion amongst cyclists who ride this route.

Then, on the way back we rode through a swarm of bees. I went down really low on my bike, luckily I didn't get stung. I supposed in a way, we were intruding their natural habitat (I'd like to think that cyclists' natural habitat is in their cosy homes, and not on the bike paths!). The magpies could be protecting their young, while the bees could be just collecting nectar.

The people of Perth were again shocked by the tragic news of an American man who was killed by a shark while diving at Rottnest Island. This is the third shark attack in 7 weeks. Our deepest sympathy to the victim's family for their loss. I sure hope when we swim around the Busselton Jetty in about 5 weeks time, there won't be any sharks around.

I had a big training load this week. The easy program next week is most welcomed, as I felt a bit tired in some of the longer sessions this week. The last 30 minutes of my 2 hour long run yesterday, I could only manage a 5 minute pace but the faster pace of 4:30 at the start giving an overall average of 4:36. The 1500m swim time trial I did on Friday, I was hoping more of a 22 to 22:30 (average 1:28-1:30 per 100m), but I did 22:50 instead (average 1:31-1:32).

Looking forward to the easy week!

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