Sunday, 30 October 2011

Cairns bound

*Picture taken from official Challenge Cairns website*

I have flirted with the idea of doing this race for quite a while. And then, after my DNF episode in Desaru, I was keen to race Desaru again but I had to re-think my racing options for next year, as travelling twice in a year would cost me a bit more.

But after much deliberation, I rationalized with myself that I intend Cairns sometime in the future anyway, so I might as well do it next year when the costs are lower, as it is more likely than not that the entry fees as well as logistical costs will increase again in the following year. Plus, I think two years of doing Ironman Western Australia back to back is enough for me.

I signed up yesterday, two days before the early bird entry ends at 5pm Cairns time, 31 October. I was pretty much pumped up after a good 4 hour ride and good 13 minute brick run. I like the fact that what I see is what I pay, no additional admin fee, processing fee etc. With the starting point in a tiny suburb of Yorkey's Knob, I've also secured 3 night's accommodation, less than 1 km away from the swim start, without having to put down a deposit.

Okay, so I better not get too carried away. Ironman Western Australia is only 5 weeks away, so I should be channeling my energy and focus towards this race first.

On a side note, Li-Ann and I attended a barbecue and picnic event in Burswood park, with guests of honour none other than our Malaysian Prime Minister and his wife, who are in Perth for CHOGM. But after two hours, they were still not there. We had our nasi lemak and BBQ meat already, and had to get going. We might have just missed them on our way out.

Li-Ann is scheduled to leave for a 3.5 weeks conference trip to Washington DC, with a stopover in Sydney. We have been keeping ourselves glued to the TV for news on the recent grounding of the Qantas fleet worldwide, hoping that this would be resolved before her flight in two days time.


fook said...

wow, its a great event with nice scenery, i saw it on tv, hope u catch mecca there, all the best ya :)

K3vski said...

Thanks Fook! You should join me too, for your first iron distance tri!