Sunday, 16 October 2011


This week, however is not all is bliss and joy. A close friend of ours had her grandmother passing away of old age. Reading what my friend wrote about her, she sounds like an amazing lady and there would be many wonderful memories to be remembered by.

And then a prominent figure in the cycling and running scene in Malaysia, passed away after collapsing during his morning run. Affectionately known as TSB, short for Tuan Senang Besar (Le Big Easy) because of his size was an advocate to raise awareness amongst Malaysians about cycling and running, and how things can be improved for cyclists, runners and motorists who share the roads.

I do now know my friend's grandmother or TSB personally. But they are both great people and their passing has touched me in some way. Their deaths will be mourned, but their lives will also be celebrated on how they have touched others, in one way or another.

Rest in peace...

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