Sunday, 3 July 2011

Scenic rides

I've cycled a total of 267km this week. I think that's a personal record for me, although it's a measly figure compared to many others, including some of you who read this blog. Still, it gives me quite a satisfaction and I know this record would soon be broken.

Saturday's ride was probably one of the last few rides in the hills. All but one of the Cyclebespoke people didn't show up. Shaun, the only one who came, said we're probably the only ones brave enough to ride in the rain and wind. He also said, he could think of another word other than brave... we both knew what the word, and chuckled quietly to ourselves.

It's a good thing Shaun came, as even though this would be my third time riding this route, I'm still unsure of the way. Shaun brought me up to Mundaring, where we bade farewell and I continued to Mundaring Weir. One upside of riding alone is you can take your time, riding at your own pace, taking a toilet break and... something I've been wanting to do in prior rides, getting a picture of the beautiful Mundaring Weir dam.

The next morning, I had another 3 hour ride in the program but this time on a flatter course. I started from the city and did a loop around Shelley Reserve. It was so peaceful and quiet, and the view was just gorgeous. Any photo taken would not do justice to the experience, hence, I didn't take any hehe. I then rode to the Left Bank, East Fremantle and made another loop at Shelley before heading back to the city.

Normally, my legs are pretty shattered towards the last few kms if I have longish rides back to back. But they held up pretty well this morning. Must have been the big feast of a dinner Li-Ann and I had the night before at Little Caesars.

And look what my parents got for me for an early birthday present... thanks mum and dad! I love you!

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