Sunday, 24 July 2011

Alien robots and monster burgers

I had an easy week of training this week. And with the extra time, I could run a few house chores, do my tax returns and go to the movies, which we haven't been doing for quite some time. And yes, you guessed it, Transformers 3 was what we picked. But we couldn't justify the extra dollars to watch it in 3D and both Innaloo and Morley only had one session a day for the 2D screening.

Anyway, we picked the Morley one despite being slightly further from us as the one in Innaloo was showing at 9.30pm, and being the earlybirds we are, we probably would fall asleep partway! The movie was fun and entertaining. I wasn't expecting much from the plot, so I couldn't be disappointed. Although, I'm not a huge Megan Fox fan, but the new girl in this sequel somehow lack the feist of her predecessor.

After the movie, we had dinner at a tiny lunch bar, Novembar, which is famous for their interesting and querky burgers. I had a classic steak burger with the lot while Li-Ann had the star burger. My steak was really tender and Li-Ann really enjoyed the beef patty and her sesame seed bun. And for dessert, we ordered the fried ice cream burger, which was absolutely yummy!

The standard burgers are quite cheap, most of them being $10 or under. But there are crazy ones as well, including the Fat Boy burger, which makes up 7 patties and cheese, $28.50 on the menu. Or you can take up the Fat Boy challenge and pay $1 for every minute you take to finish the burger, with the condition that you MUST finish it. I think I might try that the next time. The current winner sits at 6.5 minutes, with the winner out of the first 1000 participants takes home $3,000 cash. Only 40 or so people have taken part.

And if you are REALLY hardcore, there is a 100 patty burger, but be prepared to pay something in the hundreds for that. You can read more about this place on Urbanspoon and Cam and Chris' Burger Odyssey.

Now, back to a hard week of training and perhaps I can reward myself with a Fat Boy burger haha.


Jasmine said...

LOL.. my friend had his bucks night there.. Michael & the guys didn't finish the 100 patties.. WEAK..

K3vski said...

Hahaha really? Were there more than 10 of them? If there were, then REALLY WEAK :P haha.