Monday, 27 June 2011

Two great coaches

As some of you might have already guessed, when I mentioned previously that I started a new training program, it is actually a coached program, under a great mentor, Bill Scanlan. Bill did a top notch race performance at Ironman France over the weekend, finishing 10th overall! He gained 38 places after the swim. I feel really proud to have him as a coach, and I'm already feeling the improvement after doing his program for about 4 weeks now.

The other person I want to mention is my dad, who I would say, is like my life coach. Until today, although I've already been working for 6 years and achieved my own financial independence, whenever I have difficulties making decisions, no matter how major or how petty, dad always point me to the right direction. Fathers Day was celebrated all over the world (except Perth) two weekends ago, here's a happy belated father's day, dad!

Dad ran the full marathon distance at the Standard Chartered KL Marathon yesterday. Despite stomach aches in the early stages of the run (including a portaloo visit), and cramps towards the last 10kms of the run, forcing him to resort to run-walk those last few kms, he finished just 6 minutes off his personal best. Cramps had always been a problem to dad in the full marathon, but that doesn't stop him. Instead, it fuels him even more to improve the following year!

Well done and congrats to both!

*picture courtesy of Mr Tey*

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