Sunday, 20 June 2010


Hey, looks like I was able to blog after all! We have only exceeded our on-peak limit (1am to 1pm), so I have about 20 minutes to spare on the off-peak internet connection!

It was a pretty humid weekend. It rained on Friday night, irking me a bit as I had my laundry outside. I did my usual 82km ride on Saturday morning. It was pretty cloudy and winds were pretty light. But boy, was it humid! My cycling jersey was drenched with sweat by the time I was finished. My average speed was 30.1kph.

Then I did a 6km brick run. Started having a stitch by my side, but I eased into the pace and it soon went away. Finished the run in 26:26 (average 4:25 per km). Was pretty happy with that effort, but found myself gasping for air towards the sprint finish, could be due to the humidity again.

Sunday morning's run was a pleasant surprise. Still pretty cloudy, so there was no sun despite it being 8am in the morning. Felt really good, and was able to clock negative splits for each 4.35km loop - 18:32, 18:26 and hard sprint for the last 17:51. Clocked 54:49 for the 13km distance (average 4:13 per km) - my first sub 55 minute effort since Ironman Langkawi.

I followed darling to donate blood later in the morning. The waiting room was full, but we still hear constant marketing drives calling for more donors. This is my first time donating in Australia, I've done it a few times back home.

The blood bag was attached to an electronic device, which indicates the average blood flow per minute. Somehow, the competitive triathlete in me took over and I found myself racing against the indicator, pumping as fast as I can. Until soon, my arm became numb and I had to slow down a bit. Unfortunately, Li-Ann was unable to donate as her blood pressure reading was too low.

All the best to those running the KL Marathon next weekend! Including my sis and dad!

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