Monday, 14 June 2010


We had quite a hectic weekend. We attended the wedding of our good friends, Jon and Angie on Saturday. The church ceremony was held late morning and the dinner reception was at Mosmans Restaurant, beautiful place overlooking the Swan River.

I truly enjoyed both events. The pastor who solemnized the marriage was humourous but also gave very practical advice to the newly wedded couple. And then at night, the speeches from groom's dad and bride's brother were very touching and heartfelt. Even the wedding favours and table decorations were very personal - tiny jars of home made kaya by the bride herself and wooden benches made out of ice cream sticks by her mum.

After the wedding dinner, we met up with our other group of friends for surprise birthday cake cutting. The next day, I rode 82kms in pretty breezy conditions, winds were blowing above 20kph. I averaged 29.5kph for the ride, was too tired to do a brick run after. I took consolation that I've done two runs under 55 and 1/2 minutes this week, one was 55:21 - my fastest since Ironman Langkawi.

In the afternoon, we met up with Jasmine and visited her house for the first time. The girls then enjoyed themselves by watching Sex and The City 2, while I took a gamble by watching The A-Team. I was tossing between that and Prince of Persia.

And I DEFINITELY didn't regret my choice! It was full of action and pretty clever too. My only whinge would be that BA Baracus character was a bit wussed out. The original BA a.k.a Mr T was much better.

Awww... look at his cute puppy dog eyes...


ian yusof said...
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ian yusof said...

I love reading friends' weekend diary. Yours were equally exciting as well. It was a complete weekend of laughter, love, joy and adventure. keep it up! :)

K3vski said...

Thanks Ian. Not always exciting lah. Most often it's the routine same old, same old.