Wednesday, 30 September 2009


Yes, Ah Rui was sold today.

To the new owner of this bike, I wish you all the best and may it bring as much joy to you as it did to me.

On another note, fellow Ironman Yip (but much crazier than I am when it comes to extreme endurance sports) highlighted a good point, which made me ponder.

I should start cycling to work. In my previous workplace, we needed to carry laptops and we had to pay a significant sum for bicycle parking bays (imagine that!) in our building. But at my new workplace now, I can actually place the bike in my office, as I have my own room. I'll just check with the CEO first, to see if it's okay.

The spring weather is starting to show... no more wet and windy. And my new workplace is only 10km away. I have no excuse.


cRAzYtoMatOmaN-D said...

yip's right. let's use the 'green' way as much as possible.

there's a group here iniciated by PCC Vong on cycling to work

K3vski said...

Yeah, especially when it's not so humid here in Perth - don't sweat much, so don't need a shower before work. No excuse!

yipwt said...

Wished I was in there is not as hot here.

Only tri guys cycle 1pm in the afternoon here.

Have fun cycling!

K3vski said...

Oh you work afternoon shift?

Spring time is the best - sunny and still quite cooling. Summer will be a lot hotter. Will see how then, hehheh.