Monday, 28 September 2009

Eventful long weekend

Yup, we have a long weekend - Queen's Birthday. And we're the only state in Australia to celebrate it at the end of September, and not in June like in every other state. But then again, we're also the only state that doesn't have daylight savings and late night shopping either... but that's a discussion not meant for today, hehheh.

The weekend has been eventful as the title says... I had a pretty good brick workout on Saturday morning. 80km ride in 28.5kph average, followed by a 6km run in 25:59 (under 4:20 per km average :D). Then in the afternoon, our friend, Natasha invited us for Hari Raya open house. The food was superb! Laksa, rendang, nasi minyak, pulut kuning, satay... Thanks Tasha, and our compliments to the chef - your sister too!

On Sunday morning, I brought Eric for another short brick - 20km ride 4km run. I have been brainwashing Eric to start triathlons. He just got himself a new bike the day before. Glad to say the workout yesterday was motivating for him, and did not scar him for life!

In the afternoon, darling and I went to the Perth Royal Show. Li-Ann has been here 6 years and had never been to the show. Likewise, I've been to it a couple of times but with different groups of friends, so going with my girlfriend was a new experience.

There were lots of people there. The weather was fine too, pretty sunny. And us, both being very frugal beings, this time, I spent the least of all my three visits there! Only A$10 for a lamb shank and A$5 for ice cream :)

But today, the weather is back to its wet and windy self again. And with a day off work, I'm not sure what else I can do if I can't do a workout outdoors. Hope it improves this afternoon.

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