Monday, 18 May 2009

Up and down...

...if I were to describe my weekend in three words.

On Friday night, I watched the Wolverine movie. I found it pretty average. The characters in the movie used different names from what I used to know them in the comics. The female audience in the cinema were swooning over Hugh Jackman though.

I found Gambit so much cooler.

I didn't mind the movie actually. But what irked me was the $40 parking fine I got - that made it to be $50 for watching the movie! Yeah, I was in a hurry, and I made a foolish decision by just checking the car next to mine, whether to buy and display a parking ticket, rather than actually checking the parking signs.

Saturday morning was spent doing an 80km bike ride. Managed to clock a 28.6kph average for the entire distance. Pretty happy with that effort. I didn't put any pressure on myself to go over 29kph, as there aren't any triathlon races coming up.

Although, a suggestion was made that I asked to represent Malaysia at the Long Course World Championships in October. It is held in Perth, how convenient! But the thought of racing with the world's best seemed pretty daunting, and I'm not too keen on coming out last when I'm representing my country!

In the afternoon, we all were given a birthday treat by Marc for rock climbing in Northbridge. I'm glad that I don't suck as much as I used to. Had lots of fun, thanks Marc!

On Sunday morning, my initial plan to do a 30km run had to be called off, as I came down with a pretty bad flu. It actually started since beginning of the week, but it got a lot worse that morning. Li-Ann made me take some meds and I was in bed most of the day.

But come evening, my legs were itching for a run, so I went out and did 20km. Pretty happy to clock 1:27.47, might be the stimulating effect from the medication.

The weekend was wrapped up with a steamboat dinner hosted by our friends in Ida Street, Balcatta. Thanks Eric, Renee and Brendan! Dinner was great!

Today's Monday again...


galnexdor said...

rock climbing! =)

kev said...

Ya the rock climbing gym here is more relaxed, no one follows the colour route and there were so many children!

Raymond Hee said...

Isnt' it nice to rep your country in the LC? Oh c'mon kev,im sure u will do well,if not coming out mid-pack in your age group. Go go go!

kev said...

Hehheh cannot lah, only those top in my age group could qualify for the Aussie team!