Sunday, 8 February 2009

This week's weekend warrior efforts

Gee, it's less than 20 days away from Ironman Langkawi. I knew it was close, but didn't realise it was THAT CLOSE!


120.6km bike ride... yes I've started tapering! Did it in 4:17.46 - average 28.04kph. Was about 40 seconds slower than the last 120km bike ride I did in December. I can't remember the conditions during that ride, but there were some strong headwinds during this ride and I had to stop quite a bit for traffic.

After that, myself and Li-Ann had a delicious dim-sum brunch with our SLB group at Dragon Palace, Northbridge. A lot more classy from our usual dim-sum places, but more pricey as well!

Then at night, Jer Kie played host - a home-cooked dinner (thanks to Jer Kie's mum) followed by some drinking games! We left pretty early though, going to bed at 11pm.


Was supposed to taper down to a 20km run, but after last week's failed 30km attempt (I did only 20km, of which I walked about 4km), I was keen to pull off one more last 30km. But with previous night's alcohol banter, I wasn't hoping for much.

Surprisingly, I clocked a cool 2:21.52 (average 4.44 per km) with negative splits every 10km - 48.01, 47.11, 46.40! Looks like a light breakfast pre-workout does make a HUGE difference!

This week's training is a REAL confidence booster. BRING ON THE IRONMAN!

*Edit* Sorry to hear about your crash, Mich. Glad that there wasn't any serious injury, and only minimal disruption to your training. Keep a positive mind. Would be praying for your speedy recovery, both mentally and physically.

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