Friday, 20 February 2009


The CEO at my new workplace has a really unique character. She's about no taller than 5 feet and slightly over 60 years old. She sits on a fitball, rather than a chair in her office and walks around with no shoes. She cracks me up all the time with her funny storie. I especialy like the story of her dropping her shoe while boarding the bus and yelling to the driver to stop.

But don't be fooled. She is one capable lady! Being a nurse by profession, it is evident that she has compassion for the residents of St. Barts but her ability to manage our organization as a business is simply amazing. The way she takes certain factors into consideration when it comes to forecasting and how she coordinates our various programs (with the help of the program managers), as well as juggling her public relations while keeping cheerful always, is pretty commendable.

Naturally, as her finance manager, my job is to supply her with any financial information she needs, including costing and forecasting. Yesterday, during our finance committee meeting with the directors, she gave a word of praise for my efforts... which I didn't quite expect.

Her words went something like that... I just wanted to say that each time I come up with a WEIRD question, Kevin is always able to produce these spreadsheets and graphs, and explains them to me in a straight manner. And you all know how weird my questions can be... Seeing that he can give straight answers to my weird questions, I believe this requires a mention at this meeting...

That simply made my day! I guess I have the training at KPMG to thank for giving me these analytical skills. Now to work more on my people management skills...

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