Sunday, 5 October 2008


I've finally sold my old car! And this is my early birthday gift to myself!

Also had a premature birthday celebration today between Li-Ann and myself... as I will be posted to an audit in Harvey (somewhere between Mandurah and Bunbury - about 2 hours drive from Perth) for three days including my actual birthday. Pretty excited about this job assignment, as this client could be my future employer!

We watched the much talked about Wall.E at Garden City.

The movie was pretty good actually, fun loving and happy endings... typically Disney.

We then had dinner at Beethovens, a German restaurant near Canning Highway. The food was really good! We had tiger prawns for entree. I ordered the pork shank, which was really crispy and filling! While darling had the Munich platter, a wonderful array of German meat and sausages.

Now, this is where I REALLY have to kick myself for... I've accidentally deleted the pictures from my birthday dinner (which only comes once a year)! So here's all that's left. A picture of the tiger prawn entree and one of me downing a Weihenstephan Heffe beer.

And this morning, I had a crash while cycling! Was riding on Mount Henry bridge and somehow find myself getting closer and closer to the concrete wall. Instead of cycling away, wasn't thinking right, I placed my hand against the wall to push myself away! You can pretty much guess... I was skidding away, tumbling down after that!

Suffered some minor cuts. Damage to Ah Rui was some scratches at the aero bar shifters and the brake levers. No damage to the frame, luckily.



bola2api said...

aiya.. take care la dude.. jgn crash selalu.. nanti kena selalu ganti bike hahaha

no wonder la this time not many pictures of food.. hahaha.. and silly me thought you were on diet on your birthday :P hehe

kev said...

Heheh how can diet? Like you said, I suka makan right? I wish I was at home, can savour all the buka puasa stalls.

Wait, will post up some pics from other birthday luncheon coming up!