Wednesday, 8 October 2008


This job in Harvey is moving pretty slowly... just like the town itself. I won't worry too much as apparently in the past, this job seemed to have its delays.

I have not done any sightseeing here. There's nothing much to see actually. I'm staying in Binningup, 25 minutes south of Harvey... and it is an EVEN slower town.

I'm placed in a nice house in a newly developed area. One of the client's employees stays here as well. These pictures are more for your dad's interest, darling. Although, excuse my poor lighting. Most of these are taken in the evening after work.

I brought my swim gear along, planning to swim at the Harvey pool but it is closed until summer. Did a slow 45 minute jog around the housing area this morning instead - that's 2 days of running in a row... I think my knees are telling me to avoid running tomorrow. Hmm... wonder what should I do for tomorrow's workout...

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