Monday, 29 September 2008

Spring Queen

It is the long weekend... Queen's birthday, which somehow is coincidentally the AFL Grand Final weekend. After 6 years of being here in Australia, I STILL do not understand, let alone follow this game.

Yes, yes... I know we only get ONE day, while those back home in Malaysia get the WHOLE WEEK off! Selamat Hari Raya to all my Muslim friends and happy holidays to the non-Muslim ones!

It was also the last few days for spring wildflowers to bloom (spring wildflowers only, spring itself ends by end of October). Now after 6 years of being here in Perth, this is my FIRST time seeing the wildflowers in Kings Park and going on the suspension bridge, despite it being only 5kms away from my house.

On the Ironman training note... I did 80.90km in 2:47.54 today... average 28.91kph - my fastest training speed ever! But I have to work on improving on my running legs after doing a bike ride... clocked 26:47 for 6km (average 4:28 per km), have to reduce it to below 26:30 (average 4:25 per km)!


bola2api said...

wah.. really nice flowers..

my foot problem is quite bad BTW.. my knee cap moved kinda 'funny' hehe.. maybe it's just as gila as me

kev said...

Yeah, with the prescribed orthotics, this would correct your problem. Even if it doesn't hurt now, it's important to prevent any further damage!

All the best!