Sunday, 3 August 2008

Spending Ah Rui

As if last week's bike purchase wasn't damaging enough to this month's budget... I got myself an Avenir bike bag.

It was going for AUD150 on the Triwa Forum. I thought it was a good buy as Joo Ngan back home was selling bike bags for about Rm600 to Rm700. And I have been eyeing a bike bag for quite some time... must take care of Ah Rui mah... she would be travelling with me from Perth to KL to Langkawi and back.

I haven't heard of the brand, so I Googled it and it is pretty popular in the UK. A similar bag was going for GBP65, which is about AUD135. After I told this to the seller, he was nice enough to drop it down to AUD130, which is only about Rm400!

And then, my old tv decided to give up on me. It was passed down by a friend who left Perth many years ago (ironically, she's back now, getting married here soon... but that's a different story!).

So I got this 21 inch Audiosonic brand tv from KMart for AUD119. It's not a plasma or LCD, but I just need something to keep myself entertained and updated during my free time... especially with the Olympics just being around the corner!

It makes a funny sound each time you put it on standby though. Oh well... that's what you get for that kinda price...

I finally brought Ah Rui out for a long ride today. Was really impressed at how aerodynamic she was! Contrary to what most cyclists believe, I actually found time trial bikes better at climbing slopes, as they have narrower, shorter frames. But then again, it could be because she's lighter than my Avanti.

I'm still getting used to changing gears on the time trial bars while doing hill climbs but loving it when it comes to the flats! As the gear shifters do not have a trip function like road bikes, I can switch easily to and from the large crank (excuse my layman bike terminology... but if you give me numbers like 27, 29, 24, 22 etc. I would have no idea what you are talking about!). Although some may advise against shifting the crank too often. A bit of help here?

Aero position is not too bad... no serious sore backs but had a bit of neck stiffness from looking up while being in aero, even 30 minutes into the ride!

At the 1 hour mark, I had already clocked 29 kms (I normally do about 27 to 28kms at this point)... so I'd thought I was making some record time! But fatigue soon set in somewhere after 45kms and by 60kms, I was merely spinning, just over 20kph average.

I completed 80.34kms in 3:08.06 (25.6kph average). I even skipped the last 5km of slopes at Dalkeith and replaced them
with flat roads around my apartment. After I finished cycling, my head felt a bit dizzy. My stomach was growling due to hunger but at the same time, it was feeling bloated and windy from the heavy breathing. I quickly downed a packet of expired Powergel.

Could be due to the time-to-fatigue run which I did for the exercise science experiment this morning. Could be due the test tube of capillary blood taken from my forearm during the experiment. Or could be due to me hammering too hard in the first half of the ride.

Any way, I can't wait to get back into form to bring Ah Rui out for a fast n' furious ride!

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