Sunday, 24 August 2008

On track

I apologize that lately my posts have been nothing but my triathlon training progress, but with only just over 6 months from Langkawi, I can't help it!

I've finally lowered my 10km run to 42:40 (average 4:16 per km), my fastest so far since recovering from the marathon.

And this morning's bike ride... I knew I was doing a good ride, the weather was fine, not too windy... I was aiming to improve on last week's training PB of 27.8kph average to clock somewhere above 28kph average... BUT I was ecstatic when I did 80.84km in 2:50.08 (28.5kph average)!

Although, I am noticing more and more mysterious scratch marks appearing on Ah Rui's body. Could be due to the stones hitting it as I ride past. Sigh... can't be helped...

Somehow, the pain in my left achilles has shifted to my right one. My physio highly recommends that I see a podiatrist for my VERY flat feet (or in his words, PANCAKE feet). I have been putting off seeing a podiatrist for very long now. Didn't want to incur the costs, also didn't want to add extra weight from the orthotics to my running shoes.

But I think I really should get my feet checked... if I really want to be doing triathlons for the rest of my life. Maybe I would just use the orthotics for my training shoes, and not have them in my racing shoes.

Okay, I'll set an appointment with Peak Podiatry in the coming weekends.

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