Sunday, 10 August 2008


Olympic fever is here... I'm so glad I braved the cold and started my bike ride at 6.30am this morning, to make it in time to catch the swimming finals.

This won't be my first time singing praises for this man on my blog, but he has never failed to impress each time he plunges into the pool.

The guy is a FREAK OF NATURE! Watching him being a FULL BODY LENGTH in front of his own world record time set just 5 weeks ago was OUT OF THIS WORLD!

And then we have our very own, Stephanie Rice... whose world record set at the Aussie trials was sidelined by her controversial Facebook pictures, and to have her world record broken by Katie Hoff at the US trials... and to break up with her 50m freestyle record holding Eamon Sullivan just before the Beijing games.

Well, she did a Phelps by ALSO breaking the 400IM record by a full body length!

Finally, I can't be any happier for this Korean kid...

Pint size Park Tae Hwan, just short of 19 years of age, clocked the second fastest 400m freestyle ever! Second only to the legendary Ian Thorpe who set the time in Manchester in 2002. He also won Korea's first ever swimming medal at the Olympics... and he delivered a gold medal!

It's such a joy watching Asian guys kick ang moh ass at world swimming meets...

Don't know about others, but I always get fired up while watching major swimming events. Inspired, motivated and sometimes, even a bit emotional...

After 4 weeks of being absent from my running route, I finally visited it... twice. Both 10km runs were clocked just under 43 minutes.

And this morning's 80km ride was clocked in 2:55.52 (average 27.4kph)... a much better effort than last week's fatigue plagued ride.

It might be because I planned the ride much better this time, not pushing it too hard in the beginning. Also, I stuck to using the smaller chain, so less strain on the quads. But either way, I'm happy that my legs are back on track!

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