Sunday, 27 April 2008

Lest We Forget...

It was a three day weekend... Friday was Anzac Day.

The CURSE of a triathlete's mind... public holiday means having the luxury to rack up those MILES!

Did my furthest ride so far... 80.68kms in 2:54.43 (average 27.55kph). Yeah, didn't want to overdo it although the bike leg distance for next week's race is 90.1km. Had a 30 minute transition practice after that... somehow still not perfect, but what difference does a TWO MINUTE T1 make in a 5.5 HOUR race anyway?

Finally clocked under 89 minutes for my 20km run (average 4:27 per km). Yes, you can say I'm looking forward to a good show at Busselton this coming Saturday.

That's enough BASHING for me. The whole of next week would be easy training.

Here's another clip that would be inspiring me if I find it going tough towards the last few kms. I'm not one with a religious background... but I am definitely a believer in God... and I'm gracious for His gifts... as I believe I am VERY blessed by Him. This is a truly touching story... of Team Hoyt. Dick Hoyt who pushed, towed and carried his son, Rick, a cerebral palsy patient since birth... through the Ironman Triathlon World Championships in Hawaii.

On the pak tor side of things, Li-Ann and I watched a French movie, Paris at Cinema Paradiso, Northbridge... starring Juliette Binoche from the slightly more famous Chocolat.

The story was about a young man who found out he was going to die due to a heart failure and his observations of the people around him... his family, neighbours... their family and friends... and how their individual lives interconnect with one another. An interesting watch... but I somehow find these artsy shows a bit difficult to appreciate. And the colours that they use are so... DULL. I'll stick to Hollywood. Hehheh.

We then had a mediterranean dinner at Mez... which was ALSO interesting... a bit too HEARTY and MEATY. Li-Ann couldn't finish her portion... and I was too stuffed to help her out. Yes, it was THAT filling.

Yesterday, we watched another French movie... on the computer (download style!)... The Diving Bell and The Butterfly. This was A LOT better. A true story about Jean-Dominique Bauby, the editor of French magazine Elle who became completely paralyzed after suffering a stroke... and struggled to publish a book with the support of the medical staff and his family.

Although... my judgement could be somewhat biased by the fact that this movie had more attractive females than the first. :P

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