Friday, 21 December 2007

The return...

One year has come and almost gone. I still had quite a bit of work left outstanding... was trying to get them done before the year ends, but still awaiting lots of information from the client. Oh well, there's always next year.

We had our annual secret santa exchanging of presents at the office. I got a leather key wallet... quite normal compared to the other more exciting presents that some got. Sex for dummies book, blow-up doll, a framed sock for someone who just happens to be a chatterbox (telling her to put a sock in it!). Yup, all in good fun. Our Partner-in-Charge was given a whole attire comprising of a cap, a t-shirt and big gold chain... all with dollar signs all over.

The annual Christmas party had its ups and downs. It was buffet lunch at Fraser's Kings Park. The food was good... but the trays got finished pretty quickly and the catering staff took quite a while to replenish the food. So, lots of impatient, hungry guests.

This year's grad skit was also pretty good... really funny. Although somewhat crossing the line that separates humour and indecency. We have really sporting partners who don't mind people taking the piss out of them... which was the main theme of the skit every year anyway, to make fun of the bosses. I'd still like to think that my grad year put on a better show though :P

It was also amusing to see fellow colleagues getting more and more inebriated by the minute.

Would be leaving on a jet plane in about 8.5 hours time. Can't wait to get home...

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