Sunday, 2 December 2007

Full response

Just after 3 weeks from getting my Asics Gel DS Trainer, I got myself a new pair of Asics Gel 1120, courtesy of another Amart Allsports gift voucher worth AUD100, given by my manager for a job well done :)

It was selling for AUD120 from its original price of AUD160. There was also a pair of Gel Kayano old model which was originally priced at AUD240, but selling at AUD120 too. But the 1120 fitted me better, so I decided not to be kiasu and get myself a pair of shoes that fitted me well... rather than one that was originally more expensive.

I tested the shoes on Wednesday evening. Like the DS Trainer, they were pretty responsive. The springy effect could be due to them being new... see how they cope after a few runs. They were slightly heavier than the DS Trainer, but no doubt felt more supportive. Would serve me well as my training shoes, while the DS Trainer would be for my fast N' furious racing!

Saturday was Eric's housewarming at Balcatta. It was pot luck and there were PLENTY of food. The hosts dished out lemang and chicken rendang. Darling made salad and I bought turkish bread. Other mouth watering dishes include curry fish balls, sushi, char siew and KFC popcorn chicken courtesy of Marc. For desert, we had sago and tong yun. We also had a chocolate mudcake from Miss Maud for Brendan's upcoming birthday and champagne as a toast to the new BEAUTIFUL home of Eric and Renee.

Needless to say, I put on an extra kilo or two after that (the scales at the gym confirms this).

But that's not the end. Sunday evening, Li-Ann and I got another friendly invitation to Jasmine's for steamboat. Thanks, Jasmine... and for the take-away too!



M said...

An AUD100 for a 'job well done'? whoa, they really do treat u well there don't they?! ahahaha. Alls i get from a 'job well done' is.. erm... them saying, "a job well done'! AHAHA.

and another pair of shoes?! ahahah... trying to collect different shoes that match the colour of the rainbow eh? ahahah. kids!

kev said...

Hehheh, she was just very happy with the work I did, I supposed. But don't expect it to happen all the time, even with the next job I did for her, I don't think I performed that well.

I'm not done with my shopping yet... stay tuned!