Saturday, 25 August 2007


That's the slogan for this year's City to Surf run.

This race is Perth's biggest running event ever... with over 26,000 participants taking part last year... it has eluded me for the past 3 years... as if it was jinxed.

Every year I tend to get injured before the race. Last year was the most painful, I was in good form up until the same week of the race, when I tripped myself and sprained my ankle.

This year, there are no major injuries but there's a nagging pain in my left knee. I had a good run on Wednesday but that left my knee feeling sore after. So I decided to rest and haven't ran since.

An original target of 53 minutes for the 12km (average 4:25 per km)... seemed near impossible... with off-form training 2 weeks ago and this sore knee. Maybe I'll just settle for 54 minutes (average 4:30 per km).

Weather forecast for tomorrow is "... showers, heavy at times in the morning with the risk of a thunderstorm. Strong and squally winds..."

Hmm... looks like I should just do my best tomorrow and be happy with whatever time I get... I can't fight Mother Nature. And I should just enjoy the day of fun... as a few friends are taking part as well... Shirley, Tasha, Jasmine, Michael, Nicholas (Brendan's brother), Jer Kie and Jer Sie.

KPMG normally sends a team every year, but due to lack of funding, we are not sending a team this year. I still want to enjoy post race sausage sizzle... I'm running under Team UWA.

Just collected my race kit. We were given this timing chip that had to be tied to our shoes. I had never used this one before. It looks a bit like a robotic spider. The ones we usually use for tri races are strapped to the ankle.

I hope I placed it on correctly. There were no instructions as to which is the front or back.

Fit for the challenge? Nagging knee pains... horrendous weather... BRING IT ON!

P/S - I also received the results from my KPMG CA mock exam last week. I actually scored top mark! But I supposed most people haven't started studying yet. And the pass rate was quite high... markers were quite lenient.

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