Friday, 31 August 2007

Away from work...

I have been on study leave since Wednesday. My exam is on next Tuesday. It would be my last paper... hopefully the last one's the charm... and I would be able to get a merit!

... but I have to pass it first... I'm still adopting the same study habits... (that's the only way I know how to study!)... This unit doesn't require too much reading, so I find myself finishing the chapters quite quickly... and have time to watch afternoon weekday movies on the TV!

Anyway... after 4 painful weeks of waiting... I finally collected my new spectacles, which costs me AUD660. The salesgirl told me that it would only take 2-3 weeks... so after the 2nd week, I have been calling them up... but always receiving the same response... Lenses from Japan lah... Frame supplier taking long time lah...

I was about to contact them again today and give them my angry thoughts that I have been keeping in all this while... BUT the phone call that I received this morning... like from heaven... that my glasses were ready... hahhah.

Now you know why it costs AUD 660? Notice the 'O' logo behind, hehheh.

How do I look?

I have also signed up for the Perth Half Marathon this Sunday. I was hesitant after I felt some tightness around my left knee again on Wednesday morning run. But after the good one this morning... decided to go for it!

Not expecting too much though... not exactly in the best of form with my knee pains and all. But aiming to beat the halfway mark of 1:38.53 during the Perth Marathon in July.

Oh... and here's to wishing all Malaysians a 50th anniversary to our country's independence! There was supposed to be some food fair at UWA yesterday... but it was a disappointment... only a few food trays... by the time I got there, they were all gone!


Marc said...

hahaa, totally having a good feeling about u getting a merit for your FINAL CA unit!! hopefully with the power of your OAKLEY sunnies, u're able to.. erm... see 'through' the questions...? hahah, ok, lame, but i just wanted to mention how totally weeeecked your new frames are! man, AUD600.. your company must be paying you well! ahaha. anyway, if i don't see you before the exam, GOOD LUCK, oh yea, and GOOOOOD luck for the marathon tomorrow! excellent weather so no excuses this time ok! haah ,jokes

kev said...

Hahhah, thanks Marc. The thing is with my eyes, the lenses are going to be expensive anyway... so not much difference choosing a cheap frame and an expensive one. All the best to you too!

Fu Han said...

Hi five!

Although mine's like, 3 times cheaper than yours. Omg, why 660?