Saturday, 7 July 2007

Pre-race date

Relaxation therapy at Ace Cinemas, Subiaco.

Although Li-Ann may beg to differ... she found the movie is too overwhelming to the senses. I personally found it... just yeng only. The whole plot was too cartoony for me... even some scenes were a bit nonsensical. I think I'm getting old. But don't get me wrong, I did enjoy the movie. In fact, if it was more complex... I would be frustrated if I didn't understand the whole movie. Yes, can't win... hahhah.

Then, was pasta carbo loading at Tiamo's.

Soft shell crab for entree

Still tired from the senses overload

Li-Ann says I better start putting on weight after the Melbourne trip... hahhah...

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Lai Li Kuan said...

soft shell crab....sedapnyaaaaaaaaaa