Monday, 2 July 2007


Watched this yesterday with Li-Ann at our usual movie place, Ace Cinemas, Subiaco. I'm a sucker for comic book based movies. Not that I have my own collection of comics at home... but whenever a movie based on a comic book comes out... it's a must-see for me. Thanks darling for coming along (after much persuasion hahhah). Otherwise, I would have watched it alone...

Anyway, all I can say about the movie is... it was fun but nothing to shout about. I find the script a bit too cheesy (just like comic book hahhah), some parts were a bit nonsensical... and Jessica Alba looked a bit weird. She seemed a bit too skinny, and her hair appeared to be plastered on.

Maybe I'm getting old.


Chin Chow Hoong said...

Hey Kevin Siah Kien Hoong!
Chow Hoong here.. if you still remember me...! do you? i am in perth now for 2 months. Maybe we can meetup or stg! wats your email btw? All the best for the marathon!

-kev- said...

Yeah of course I remember you! The smart guy sitting in front, athletic too. How come you are in Perth? Hahhah, so ngam when you come to Perth, I'm going away to Melbourne for a week. But sure, no problem, would like to meet up. Fadli and Murali are here too, if you can remember them. You would here until when? My e-mail is Thanks for the good luck wishes!