Sunday, 31 May 2015

Season 2 begins...

It's been 4 weeks since my Ironman finish and 3 weeks since my last blog post. The break was most welcomed and we did quite a few things done.

Just a week after the race, we did a weekend trip to Sydney to attend Li-Ann's cousin's wedding. We could have stayed the whole week in Sydney after the race but we both have work to do. Li-Ann's parents came along from Malaysia, so it was nice family time. I caught up with my brother too who's studying in Wollongong and he stayed with us for a night in Sydney.

Can I log wife lifting as part of my training?
Pretty obvious I'm not that great in taking we-fies
Another poor selfie - but the pork knuckle at Lowenbrau was awesome!
I was told we looked almost identical despite being 11 years apart
We moved house the following weekend too and loving the new place. Plenty of room and at the moment the house is pretty empty with just the two of us. It's about 7kms from my workplace (yes, I already did a weekend run to and from hahaha) but Li-Ann has much further to travel now.

Most of our furniture are made in Malaysia. Doing our bit to help our export economy!
Plenty of space in the garage as well where both my bikes live happily.
I've finally had a full week of training this week, after skipping a few sessions here and there for the past couple of weeks... no particular reason, I was just plain lazy! But glad to be getting back into the routine. This week was tough too finishing up with a Sunday group session where I did 2km swim, 90km bike and 16km run. I struggled a bit at the later stages of the bike and was contemplating not running at all. Luckily I listened to Coach Pete who asked me just to go for an easy jog. I felt pretty good going out, struggled a bit on the way back but still kept an overall average of 5 minutes per km.

For the first full week back, not too shabby if I say so myself
The main goal race would be Ironman Malaysia, Langkawi on November 14. I have a lead up races planned in the next few months, starting with the half marathon at the Gold Coast Marathon in the first weekend of July. With a fast and flat course, let's see if I have the speed to beat my personal best all the way back in 2011. Would be working hard at the Tuesday track sessions for the next few weeks.

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