Sunday, 9 September 2012

When the cat's away...

...the mice comes out to play.

Well, not really. Li-Ann's away in the Eastern states for just over a week - Sydney on a conference, then to Brisbane for a lab visit. Unfortunately, being the triathlete creature of habit I am, I didn't have any wild parties planned. I just stuck to my training regime. The difference is I got a lot more sleep, close to 9 hours in fact. With the 2 hour time zone difference, we talk before I have dinner, and after that I don't have much to do, so I head to bed even earlier. But that will change during the week when I have to do my own cooking after coming home from work.

This week started off with some pretty wild weather - stormy conditions with strong winds. But the timing was quite right, it stayed relatively calm whilst I was training outdoors. It has warmed up over the weekend with bright sunshine and temperatures reaching the mid 20s even before midday. It was still pretty windy though. I joined the BYL boys for a ride down the Freeway South bike path yesterday and we encountered some tough headwinds on the way back. Thanks for pushing the pace and bringing me home, boys! Though I rode about 45 minutes more than what I had on the program, it's a big confidence booster just to be able to keep up!

Less than two weeks to Desaru 116 triathlon. It's amazing how the excitement of an upcoming race just motivates you to push harder. I'm pretty impressed with the times I have been posting in the sessions this week. Still undecided whether to pack my carbon race wheels for this race. Although it's not an A race but I would still like to give it my best shot... and with my best available equipment! But as I'm also intending to put my bike up for sale, I would need to pack the 40mm clinchers that came with it. Let's see if I can manage with two pairs of wheels on board the plane.

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