Monday, 7 March 2011

Three day weekend

Western Australian Labour day weekend, most triathletes would jump at this opportunity to throw in a mega training weekend. I didn't do anything crazy as it is just two weeks away from Singapore 70.3. On Saturday morning, I did an 80km ride in relatively cooler and calmer conditions. Clocked an average of 30kph, my first time this year. Proceeded by 4 rounds of 1km each around John Oldham Park. My legs must have felt pretty fresh, was able to average 4:40 per km.

Sunday, a longish run of 17.4km (4 neighbourhood loops of 4.35km) was on the cards. However, my darling fiance was keen for a run as well, so we headed out for a 4km run to Stirling Gardens and back. It was indeed a refreshing change than doing my usual route. I did a 9.7km run straight after, didn't turn on my stop watch, but I was averaging about 4:30 per km. That made 17.7km for Sunday's run and 34.7km total running mileage for the week.

Monday morning, I joined the team BYL social group ride. An extended version, as most of us didn't need to work that day. We went through Freeway South and did the Shelley Bridge loop. It was an eye opener for me, as it was my first time doing that route. Pretty scenic, although I was admiring Bill's brand new Scott Plasma Premium for most of the ride hehe. We stopped by Cimbalino in Dalkeith for breakfast, and ending back at the gym just under 52km, averaging 26.3kph.

I'm feeling pretty good about myself and my preparations for the race in two week's time. My parents and my brother will be here next weekend for holiday, I'm taking the week off. So it would be a nice recovery, and I should be fresh as a daisy for the race!

Oh... and I have a surprise in store for the race as well. It's a four letter word surprise. Those of you competing, will see you there! ;)


cRAzYtoMatOmaN-D said...


must be something about your bike...yes?

tell la...since i'm not going to be there in SG 70.3

K3vski said...

Heheh will show you pictures.