Sunday, 13 February 2011


...not from alcohol consumption though, sorry if I have disappointed you, haha. It was primarily from this weekend's training and jostling with the strong winds. I swapped my bike and run days as it was forecasted to have over 30kph of winds on Saturday (yes, I'm soft that way) and I heard gusts were over 50kph.

The 13km run I did on Saturday felt pretty good, again I didn't push myself too hard but I held a firm, controlled pace. I was able to negative split each 4.35km loop. I supposed as the distance progressed, my legs warmed up and even the controlled pace started increasing in speed. I clocked 19:27, 19:12 and 18:53, totalling 57:32 (average 4:26 per km).

Sunday morning, the winds were just a tad bit calmer but not doubt still strong, at about 27kph. I planned a 100km ride, increasing the distance slightly from last week to build up my endurance. I experimented with my cleat adjustment, pushing it all the way to the back, and it felt good! I finished the 98.58km ride in 3:29:09, averaging 28.3kph. Was meant to do a 6km brick run, but couldn't be bothered. In the end, I jogged around the carpark for about 12 minutes.

Feeling pretty tired and sore now, which means I did put in quite an effort, despite the average times. I can't imagine how it was like just a few months ago when I did 5+ hour rides training for the Ironman.

Just a shout out to my dad, who's 56 years young as off Thursday, a very happy birthday! Wishing you all the best in your undertakings, a great year ahead and may your (annual) marathon this year be cramp-free and completely enjoyable!

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