Monday, 11 October 2010

Things are starting to look up

My wounds from the fall have all dried up, so I've been back in the swimming pool. It felt a bit awkward initially, and I've lost the natural feel of the water. But after a few sets, I was able to get back into the strokes quite comfortably.

On Saturday morning, I did another 160km ride. The winds were still pretty strong, but not as bad as last week. Though it was pretty sunny, and temperatures were at 31 degrees at it's highest. I completed the ride with an average of 29.0kph, pretty satisfied with that effort.

Sunday morning, I watched the last few nail biting hours of the live streaming of Kona Ironman Championships. I was a bit disappointed that Craig Alexander a.k.a. Crowie failed to defend his title. Sorry, but I'm not a huge fan of Chris McCormack a.k.a. Macca. But he deserves full credit for winning, given his stellar performance and how he skillfully outwitted Andreas Raelart towards the finishing.

For the women's race, I couldn't be any happier for Mirinda Carfrae for winning and pulling off a record fast marathon split. If only Chrissie Wellington was in the mix, it would have been a great showdown, and if Mirinda beat Chrissie, it would have been a whole lot sweeter!

I was pretty pumped up after watching the pro race of the Championships, but the windy and occasionally wet weather kept me indoors instead of going out for a run. So I made it a recovery day.

Monday morning, I did my first run in 3 weeks. I started off conservatively, as my right shin is still slightly swollen. Completed 13km in 56:45, an average of 4:22 per km. Way off from what I used to be clocking, but pretty happy that I was able to run a decent pace without much pain.

I'm going to stick to one run per week plan now for the remaining weeks leading up to Ironman Western Australia, to allow adequate recovery time from the damage caused by each run session. Hope this plan works.

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