Sunday, 17 October 2010

Aqua running it is...

The run I did on Monday left some tightness around my shins and caused the swell on the right shin to hurt a bit more. So I decided to be really cautious and did some aqua running instead at Terry Tyzack Aquatic Centre on Saturday morning. I swapped my bike ride to Sunday as it was forecasted to have winds blowing in the mid 20s kph. Yes, despite having done two Ironmans, I can be quite a wuss. As Keat Seong puts it, IRON PUSSY!

Aqua running was quite an experience. It really tested my patience. There were so many times I was just tempted to swim, but I kept to the plan. One side of the pool was actually too deep, the water was reaching my chin. Maybe I should have just done it at the shallow end. I did sets of 100m in intervals of 3 minutes, but I barely had any rest in between, it was that slow! I did 2kms in about 1 hour. Partway through, I had to change lanes because the senior citizens water aerobics class was on, hahhah.

Usually after my long rides on Saturdays, I'm pretty much spent for the rest of the weekend. So for a change, Li-Ann and I went out for lunch at Betty's Cafe, Innaloo. It was pretty quiet that day, apart from the kids party behind us, I'm guessing they are about 8 years old, were quite entertaining.

Famous for their milkshakes

The small wedges was huge!

The Big Betty. Their burgers were alright, though I must say Grill'D is better.

Sunday morning, I did my 160km ride in conditions which were forecasted to have winds between 6kph and 11kph. I can assure you, that DID not happen! Though it was calmer from last week, but it picked up at noon and the flags on Mounts Bay Road were being blown at a full horizontal.

Throughout the ride, there seemed to be plenty of fruit flies, hitting my arms and face, some even got into my mouth! But no major dramas. I averaged the ride in 29.1kph average. Wished it could have been faster, but at least that's another 5+ hour ride above 29kph.


cRAzYtoMatOmaN-D said...

160km with 29kph??

i only can manage 50km with 28kph

ok, i'll eat more burgers and fries and down them all with milkshakes!!

K3vski said...

Hahhah thanks Tomato. Yeah, burger, wedges and milkshake helps! Will try to aim for high 29s next time.