Sunday, 5 September 2010


Spring is officially here. Gee, where has the year gone? Having said that, there's a bit of winter still lingering around, with forecasted showers for the next few days.

I've finally got the green light from my physiotherapist to start running, along with some recommended daily exercises with stretch bands for my foot.

On Saturday morning, I did another 120km ride. It was pretty humid with big clouds, and some slight drizzle. The winds were slightly stronger than last week, but still pretty calm. I managed an average of 30.2kph, a new training PB for this distance.

Sunday morning, I did my first run in three weeks. The plan was to do 13km but would be flexible as to how I felt, with the option to cut it short if I needed to.

And I did just that. After running 6.7km, the peds my physio gave me to be stuck on my orthotics, were causing some abrasion on my right foot. My left foot, which is the injured one, was feeling pretty okay. Although there were some soreness after the run.

Was slightly disappointed that I couldn't do my usual distance, but I was asked to start off with a short run anyway. Quite satisfied with my pace though, average 4:15 per km.

I might do another short one for my next run session. And slowly build up the distance. Ironman WA is exactly 90 days away. As much as I want to quickly get back into logging the miles, I don't want to risk aggravating this injury and be floored for another few weeks.


sofiantriathlete said...

IMWA is 90 more days!!!!
The Marathon u were talking about starts / finish at Burswood right?
See lah, if Air Asia gives cheap flight. If can stay with Kevin ha ha just kidding

K3vski said...

Yeah, really nice course along the river! And of course, you can stay with me, always welcomed!

sofiantriathlete said...

Gosh sounds good Kevin. We'll see, I really might. 20 June isn't it

K3vski said...

Might need to check when the new calendar comes out end of this year. When I took part in the past few years, it was always the first Sunday of July. Then there was once when it was the last Sunday of June.

Oh, I took your tip from your blog and got free samples of Rock Tape, thanks!