Sunday, 7 February 2010

Gentle reminder

Just something to bring back the memories and perhaps spur a bit of motivation in our final weeks of preparation, and also while we are on the race course. I admit, I did spend quite a bit of time on this. I'm no techie, hence it takes me longer. I'd also like to thank (and apologize too) for the many stolen pictures of others I used in this slideshow, without your permission.

Come Saturday, 27th February 2010... I hope to cross the finish line before the clock strikes 6.45pm.

I'll see to it that I do.


reitak said...

Go Kev Go!!

you can do it!

All the best!!

ian yusof said...

kevin, all the best .... do it for the rest of us who wish to do ironman but no guts to attempt it .... :)

We truly believe in you!!! You can do it!

K3vski said...

Reita: Thanks for the support!

Ian: Thanks, hey I also took a few years of triathlon before having the guts to do it.

Fong said...

good luck.. u can nail it.. u r stronger this time =) all d best =)

K3vski said...

Thanks Fong, I do feel stronger hehheh.

OP Chan Jun Shen said...

u can come back by 6pm. i have faith in u=) go kevin!