Friday, 11 July 2008

Status symbol

I've just got myself a new phone! Nokia N95 8GB...

It was on special offer on Three mobile plan. So I get to upgrade without paying much more than what I'm paying now.

You know, I've never had a Nokia phone before, although it is such a popular choice. I've had Siemens, Panasonic, Sony Ericsson but never Nokia.

I can safely say I have learned how to use about 10% of the phone's functions. Not sure whether I would make use of it's GPS capabilities as I need to download maps and will be charged for those downloads.

At the moment, I'm just enjoying the AWESOME 8GB memory... I have just transferred over 50 songs from my laptop, and it didn't even touch the free space memory!

Coincidentally, today is the release date for Apple iPhone in Perth. But it's camera only has 2.0 megapixels. My new phone has 5.0... :P


milktea said...

New phone chun! After you've used Nokia you won't turn back!

My bro just got his iPhone this morning... He likes it but I think it's a little too big for my liking. (die hard Nokia fan)

kev said...

I think my N95 is actually bigger and bulkier than the iPhone. But I'm not fussed about size lah. In fact, I think bulky phones more manly, hehheh.