Sunday, 20 July 2008

Dark wonder

Natasha had her 3rd anniversary of her 21st birthday (that means 24th birthday lah, but in denial, hahhah) celebration at The Brass Monkey, Northbridge on Friday night.

The theme was Alice in Wonderland. There were a few who were sporting enough who turned up that night, dressed as card knights of hearts... Natasha's mum and herself were the Queens of hearts (although both in different versions) and Natasha's sister came as Alice. I however, was not dressed to theme, as I did not have anything that is even close to resembling Alice in Wonderland.

A good night out, groovy music, tasty food and there were about 200 cupcakes, homemade by Natasha's mum and sis. Thanks, Tash for having us!

Yesterday, Li-Ann and myself watched the much talked about Dark Knight. It was INDEED a great movie. Action and thrilling throughout the entire movie. The plot was pretty mature, not sure whether young 10 year olds would be able to follow... even myself had a bit of trouble.

Bruce Wayne a.k.a. Batman was portrayed as a really smart guy, able to read all of the Joker's moves. There was so much talk about the late Heath Ledger's outstanding performance, some said he may even win an Oscar. I do give the guy credit. His acting did outshine the others, although the stellar cast did put up a credible show. So it was all good. Not sure whether the movie or Heath would win an Oscar though. I am somehow biased that comic book movies rarely stand a chance on winning Oscars. I may be wrong.

I noticed that Batman was in the aero position for quite a number of times during the movie. In the tank like Batmobil when it transformed into a leaning attack position and all throughout the Batcycle too.

Yes, I have been craving to get a new tri bike. My Avanti Monza has been great. My cycling has improved significantly from last year. But I'm yearning for an upgrade from its Sora groupset. When I first bought it, I thought with my mediocre cycling, it wouldn't make a difference if I bought a $1k bike or a $5k bike.

But I've got a feeling I bought a lemon. During the 7 months since I had the bike, I have had about 5 punctures (including one this morning!). And lately, the cycle computer keeps on falling out of its compartment. It used to be just once or twice when I go over a hump. But it is becoming more rampant now. It came out 4-5 times today and I had to catch it while I'm cycling. Today, it actually fell so hard that all the functions got reset!

I'm also very attracted to the handle bars on tri bikes. Yes, yes, I can just get the handle bars replaced. And the tyres, and the cycle computer. Don't have to get a new bike. But Total Triathlon is doing a clearance sale. Quintana Roo Kilo 2006 model reduced to AUD 1750. And it is just my size too.

I was keen to get the 2007 model, reduced to AUD 1899, but it was sold out.

So how? Some would say, if you really want it, go get it! It fits your size some more. But on the other hand, an expensive tri bike wouldn't help my average cycling much. And handling a tri bike is very different from a riding a road bike. I may even become slower.

I'm open to suggestions, opinions, comments etc.!


galnexdor said...

haha well, i think if ur really into the sport, and it makes u feel happier, just buy lor...i believe if anything u should splurge on let it be on something u know u will use and appreciate. :)

kev said...

Point noted. I think I'll just bring back the Avanti during the Christmas holidays, rather than the old one. Then I can use it to train during the holidays too. The old one, I'll leave it here for spare lah.

Now let's just hope the bike is still available when I visit the shop next weekend.

Raymond said...

Hey Kev lil' sis said the right thing,luv it buy it!Simple as that!
Reward yourself,if u don't who will! That's my principle in life...hehe

Stupe said...

just do it la...that land where u are got more choices than all the bike shop in klang valley added together. :)

with the current exchange rate almost matching USD, you most prob make some money if you buy, use and resell them.

one thing though, you are right, the tt position might make u take a bit of getting used to, esp the strain on the shoulder and neck (the aero in roadbike is more gentle compared to the TT).

I'm hoping i could ease into the bike soon enough...

kev said...

Okay, okay, thanks guys for the advice. I would visit the shop this weekend and give it a try, hopefully it is still there. If I like it, it's mine!