Sunday, 11 May 2008

Iron siblings

Watched the Ironman movie during the weekend.

Pretty good watch. Lots of cool special effects. Cheesy comic book dialogue were kept to a minimum, so that's good. Although the good guy vs baddy fight scene only came in towards the last 20 minutes of the movie... but it's an intro movie (are we expecting a sequel), so that's acceptable.


Here's to wishing my two younger siblings very happy birthdays... 14th for one, 22nd for the other (I'll leave it to you guys to guess which one's which).

My sister, whom I hate to admit has all grown up and I guess finally ready to be on her own in New Zealand. All the best, sis... do give your ego a rest and call home once in a while to make your old folks happy, okay?

You are right! Your feet DO land crookedly!

My baby brother (yes, you would always be THE BABY of the family regardless of whether you are 14, 21 or 65! :P), it was weird seeing you being less than 15cms shorter than I during my last trip back. Looking forward to see how much you have grown this time around. I know being a teenager is tough... with raging hormones, various temptations and the whole world's out to get you! Whatever you do... DON'T ask you sis for advice! Hahhah.

Eh, eat more meat lah. Would help those skinny arms when swimming butterfly.

If it weren't for those neck bracelets, I wouldn't be able to tell all 5 of them apart.


galnexdor said...

*ahem*!! i think i give pretty good advice...i actually understand what its like to be a difficult teenager..=)


kev said...

Heheh I guess so lah. Because I don't know what its like. :P

bola2api said...

"If it weren't for those neck bracelets, I wouldn't be able to tell all 5 of them apart."


wow.. so karen will be going to NZ and will she be doing IM NZ next year??? hehehhehe

happy birthdays!

kev said...

Heheh nolah, Karen won't be doing IM. But yeah, I'm deciding between IM Langkawi or New Zealand. Veering towards Langkawi as it is so much cheaper, and there would be so many familiar participants. But early bird ends so early, need to finalise my leave application soon.

bola2api said...


i heard in NZ, the crowd is better.. the supporters lining the streets, etc.. plus langkawi is damn hot man.. so for someone living overseas to return to malaysia to race, u might need some time to acclimatize. NZ maybe similar climate so less acclimatization problem. just my 2 pence

kev said...

Aini, ya I agree. Racing in NZ would be like racing in Perth. Lots of supporters, even with creative signboards. But I don't know any of these supporters. Back home would have more familiar faces.

As for the weather and Langkawi's tough conditions, I have to adjust my target a bit. And hope not to DNF!

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kev said...

Done. Thanks Tey!