Sunday, 18 May 2008

Corporate smarts

I had my annual performance review meeting last week, with my performance manager and our division partner in-charge. Lately these meetings were more about what I intend to do in my future rather than how I performed in the past. I have actually openly expressed my desire to leave the firm to venture into commercial accounting by mid next year.

What, you crazy ah? I can imagine what you all are thinking. But on the contrary, it has worked to my advantage. It is a fact that most people in an accounting firm would not stay on to become a manager or a partner. We all worked out a plan to train me up to be ready when I leave for commerce, like getting me to audit clients within the industry I wish to venture into, getting me onto client secondments.

We also talked about one of our major clients who is looking to employ a CFO in their newly acquired business. I overheard our partner recommending me to the CEO over the phone. Now how many of us have our current bosses helping their employees look for other potential employers?

But I think it is a win-win situation. If I were to be employed by that business, our audit work would be easier in the future as there is a former KPMG employee working with the accounts. And if our partner believes that I have the caliber, he has maintained a good client relationship by recommending a capable person for the job.

Yup, he is a smart man. Just within 3 years when he came into this division, we grew from a family of 20-30 people, just having tax and accounting services... to an army of over 80, offering multiple professional services ranging from tax, accounting, audit, superannuation, migration and also corporate leadership.

Speaking of smart people... one can only imagine how much this guy made just over the last 48 hours.

Air Asia, by offering ZERO air fares to and from Perth in just two days, the tickets were sold out within moments. I was only able to get hold on the Rm199 air fares. It is still a lot cheaper... and even the airport taxes were only about Rm250 as compared to other airlines of over Rm1,000. God knows how he managed to get such prices. Hope we aren't flying over some terrorist air zone!

With that, I have decided to compete in Langkawi Ironman 2009. I have already booked my flights to Langkawi... also for Rm0. Now I only need to get my leave approved so that I can register with ease of mind.


Jasmine said...

wow.. CFO eh?
That's a huge recommendation!! =)

kev said...

Ya, I was a bit surprised too. I thought it was only a finance manager position with a CFO being my mentor. But I supposed it's a smallish company, so the CEO can be my mentor too.

bola2api said...

even the IM reg fees is more than the air fare :) hehe

kev said...

Hahhah, ya. Although it is confirmed now that Rm500 for Malaysian participants until end of June, rather than USD280. Still finding out how to register, because the normal online entry is still the USD280.