Sunday, 23 September 2007

What drives you?

From the title you'd think that this a post on my training yeah?

Well, WRONG!


For the past week, since I have been driving to the client's place for work rather than taking the bus to my office... I have been listening to 92.9FM (yeah, we have it here too!) on the radio.

When I first started listening to Australian radio, I found it a bit boring... they don't play as much music... but they have a lot of talk shows.

Now I found their talk shows very interesting... they tackle some REAL issues...

Em, Wippa & Tim are on air 6am to 9am every weekday morning. They brought up an issue regarding whether it is right or wrong to visit brothels... and Wippa actually went undercover to visit a brothel! He personally feels it's wrong... but he went there just to see for himself what it's like... check out the podcast here, the 19th September segment.

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And on the drive back home, there's Hamish & Andy. These 2 blocks can do some really crazy stuff! I remember one segment when Hamish made a comment that there aren't many fires in Perth... so he reckons that firemen had the easiest jobs ever (or in his words, Tim Tams and board games whole day). Andy felt that his comment was very unfair to our unsung heroes, so they made a bet... they hanged out all day at a fire station, and if there was a fire, Hamish would be sprayed with the fire hose on national TV... otherwise, Andy gets it!

Their recent stunt included getting Britney Spear's mother's private phone number and prank calling her. How COOL is that? Check out the podcast here, the 20th September segment.

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I think Hamish (the guy on the right... I THINK) actually won Cleo Bachelor of The Year before.


bola2api said...

hamish n andy r my type of DJs! hahaha...

kev said...

Hahhah, is it because one of them won Cleo Bachelor of The Year?

marc said...

haha, yea, i listen to 92.9 as well, but switch to nova quite often cos 92.9 has too many ads!! em, wippa & tim are good, but i get irritated with em cos i think she's totally biased and doesn't like ppl that are more talented than her (ie, a LOT of ppl! ahahah, ok, that was mean).

and i think it's andy that won cleo's? i think that cos hamish always brings it up? but not sure.. ahaha

kev said...

Ala Marc, you are pro Nova because the station is near your workplace :P