Sunday, 9 September 2007

Study-free weekend...

It was my first weekend that I did not have to think about studying for CA... and it would stay that way from now on! (Assuming that I passed my final paper last Tuesday...)

Friday night... was at Shirley's and Jessie's... with Eric, Renee, Brendan, Tasha... and darling was there too! It was pot luck... the hosts made curry fish balls, man tou, and roti canai... ALL DELICIOUS! I also had many helpings of Renee's Hokkien noodles. Yours truly can't cook... so brought fried chicken courtesy of Colonel Sanders... hahhah.

We also had chocolate fondue for dessert with strawberries, apples and bananas, thanks to the hosts!

It was nice catching up... with lots of laughs... played Twister, and there were even more laughs there... (not to mention the penalties for the losers... I mean, LOSER... you know who you are! Hahhah!)

Saturday... went for grocery cum window shopping trip at Subiaco... haven't done that for ages! I got some shoe advice from Sports Fever. The sales girl was really nice... she assessed the way I walk and brought out some shoes for me to try... even lent me some socks... but no pressure whatsoever to buy the shoes OR the socks. That's one thing Malaysian sales people should learn... but I supposed most of our sports shops haven't got the expertise nor the passion to help select the right shoes for their customers. The girl recommended either the Brooks Dyad or Mizuno Wave Alchemy.

The Brooks actually felt quite good... but I'm a Mizuno fan! And paranoid me... always wanted to check the weight of the shoes... came back to check the website... and found out that BOTH shoes weigh almost TWO POUNDS more than my current pair. What to do... shoes meant for my flat feet are usually heavier than average... for the EXTRA SUPPORT for my low arch.

Anyway, just WINDOW shopping lah... In the end, I always get my shoes back home when it is during Mega Sale... and in RINGGIT! I get to choose what type of shoes I want too... without any advice from sales people...

Was supposed to watch DVDs for the whole of this afternoon... but I locked myself out of the house... and my flatmate, Chai was in the city. I went looking for darling.

Chai just got back and I finally was able to get in. But I'm pretty tired now... had quite a good gym session this morning (finally able to clock above 30kph on the new spin bikes!). Going to get some shut eye now... maybe watch the DVDs later...


Marc said...

yea, the mizuno one looks more you. ahahah. don't u have a pair that already looks like that? ok, i really have no idea, but it looks like your colours as well! haha

and yesh, totally don't like shopping in malaysia, cos all the shop assistants follow u as if u're a thief, and they get peeed off when u don't buy stuff from them.

kev said...

Marc, ya my old Mizuno pair looks a bit like that. I don't use it for running now. It has been downgraded to gym use and occasional 'going out' use. Hahhah.

But shopping in Malaysia is SO CHEAP!