Saturday, 24 January 2015

Save your life with Lifeline ID

As an amateur triathlete who tries to fit in my training schedule around work and life commitments, quite often I'll be cycling or running during the wee hours of the morning. I've never given much thought of carrying a proper ID with me when I'm out training. I do bring along my driver's licence, mobile phone and some spare cash. But it never dawned upon me that if anything happens to me, no one would know who to contact as there was no emergency contact.

Many thanks to the support of Lifeline ID, myself... and my loved ones, feel much more at ease when I'm out on the road. Lifeline ID is a Malaysian based company, delivering to Malaysia as well as Singapore. There are four models altogether and each model comes in a variety of colours. I'm currently using the Lifeline Pro blue.

The Lifeline Pro is fully adjustable to the size of your wrist. The packaging comes with instructions, which are really straightforward.

The silicone strap itself has segments and this is where you cut according to your desired length. One tip is to cut off at a longer length first and re-fit it around your wrist before cutting off at the next segment. Otherwise, once it is cut too short, it cannot be undone! The metal band, where your personalized information is printed on, is slide-able around the strap to suit your preference.

To be honest, I was a bit apprehensive as to how comfortable the strap would feel. As I tend to sweat a lot when I train, the last thing I wanted was to have the annoying feeling of something sticking to my wrist. Well, I have had the Lifeline Pro with me for more than 3 weeks now. I've used it for swimming, cycling and running. I wear it all the time, even to the office. It is really comfortable and sometimes I don't even notice it is there. My preference is to have it slightly bigger than my wrist but not too big until it bounces up and down when I'm training.

People tend to think that unfortunate events would not happen to them. Just last week, as I was cycling to meet to my training mates before 5am, I was almost hit by a car at the roundabout. I was already in the roundabout going to make my exit, when a car entered the roundabout just before me. The driver did not see me and I was forced to ride parallel with the car instead of making the exit. My left shoe did make contact with the right door of the car, albeit a gentle thud. Had I been a couple of seconds quicker, the car would have hit me for sure.

Fortunately, there was no serious accident. And there was no need for someone to look up my details on my Lifeline ID. But the message is clear. No one can predict accidents from happening. But if it does, Lifeline ID could just save your life.

The Lifeline Pro retails for MYR60. For further information and prices of other models, visit

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