Tuesday, 15 April 2014

shi shang zhi you mama hao

Today is my mum's birthday. Since I've moved overseas, I have not been able to celebrate with mum in person. That's 13 years... and counting. I usually wish her either by giving a call or through Skype. Sometimes I get my sis to run around to get a present. Most often, I choose the lazy route and transfer some money so my mum can buy something for herself.

This year, her birthday is even more special as it marks her official day of retirement. She has been a teacher all her life and if I'm not mistaken, it has been almost 25 years since she has started teaching in SMK Subang Jaya. Did you know that all 3 of us siblings went to the same school that mum taught in? My mum was born to teach and we always joked that she has in-built loud speaker. I remember vividly when we were having our SPM trials and we could hear her teaching from the opposite block! Love it or hate it, it was what it was. I actually found it pretty cool that mum's closest friends are those who have educated me and seen me grow up.
My mum and yes, that's me! I was probably 16 then and it was cool to wear shirts that are 3 sizes too big.
My sister shared pictures and video clips of mum's farewell ceremony with us. And it was clear how much she was loved, both by students and fellow teachers. And so they should. Mum is a dedicated and caring teacher. She often puts others first and her needs last. Even at home. Each time we come home from an outstation trip, no matter how late it was or how tired she was, she made sure that all our things were unpacked away, clothes washed, meals cooked - ready for the next day.
Mum's retirement, taken from my sis' Instagram. Dad and sis surprised her by showing up. Dad even brought a large bouquet of flowers!
Mum loves to travel and see the world. Now that she has retired, we hope that she has more time to do that without having to worry about school holidays or marking exam papers. I look forward to travelling with her and dad to the USA later this year.
There's no horsing around when mum's around hehehe
Happy birthday mum! Sorry I've missed out on yet another birthday. Congratulations on your retirement! Best wishes and may you enjoy it to the fullest in this new chapter in your life. 

Lots of love from Canada.


CheapRunnerMike said...

A very happy birthday to your Mum and congratulations on her retirement! My wife's mom was a teacher as well and she had her as a substitute teacher a few times as a child...I'm sure that would be an odd situation, but you make due.

Kevin Siah said...

Thanks Mike! I'll pass on your regards. Yes, it was indeed an interesting experience but I wouldn't have it any other way!